Our Cayenne Décor is a bit different than our other interiors so far. Rather than partnering a print with a solid coordinating fabric, Cayenne combines two colors of The Basics’ sturdy hopsack weave, Chinese Red and Ebony. The Ebony stripes on the backs of the dinette covers are constructed rather than applied...more work for Greg but definitely a nice detail.

This decor was inspired by our friend, Chan, who has a 2006 19’ Bambi International CCD...he wanted “more color in his life” and asked us to help him out with the interior of his unit.  He uses a red and black Hudson Bay blanket on his bed and a black, grey and red Navajo rug on the floor...  Our approach was to create a set of slip covers and curtains for Chan inspired by a “chief’s blanket”...using red with inset black stripes. Greg finished Chan’s curtains in time for us to meet up with him at Patagonia Lake State Park before he left Southern Arizona for his Georgia home, so were able to “install” the curtains for him...  We created quite a hubub in the campground going back and forth between our trailers during the installation. Because his Bambi and ours are the same in terms of interior layouts and cushion sizes, etc., we were able to complete the cushion slip covers “in absentia” for a perfect fit. The cushion covers were completed after that trip and sent to Chan in Georgia.

We liked Chan’s look so much that we decided we must have a set in that wonderful Chinese Red as well...so thanks, Chan, for helping us “see red!”  Cayenne is all Chinese Red Basic except for

the black stripes on the backs of the seat cusions, in the window valances and the Black Leatherette dinette seat cushions and back bolster cushions. (Chan’s seat covers have horizontal stripes....Cayenne has vertical stripes.)

We were also fortunate enough to find some red throw rugs that are a perfect match for the red of Cayenne to help complete the look...and of course the chile reistra is perfect!

We can switch out the Cayenne bedspread for a hunter’s plaid wool blanket for a little more

of a rustic feel as shown in the pics below. We have also just completed our Lumberjack décor

that can be mixed with Cayenne for more variations.