Home from the High Country...

homeward ho!

The old homestead is still standing!
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Because there is no other very direct route from Tucson to Show Low, we retraced our trip up…south from Show Low through the Salt River Canyon (it’s somehow different going the other direction, so it’s never boring), on to Globe and back down into the desert through Winkleman, Mammoth and Oracle. Not only did we leave the high country behind, but the cool temps as well…we stuck our arms out the window near Winkleman and we knew we were back in the desert…the truck thermostat confirmed it…93 degrees. Sheesh.

There are other routes home, but they are more circuitous and mean miles of unnecessary travel. There is something to be said for trips that take you on a large circle through an area so you can always be heading somewhere new… Unfortunately, there are not that many “main roads” in Arizona to get from point “A” to point “B” …there are only so many ways to go, so a fair about of backtracking is usually given.

We did stop of the switchbacks at another view point on the

Salt River Canyon to take some more pictures on the way out

of the canyon. But outside of stopping to top the gas tank in

Globe, we made no other stops on the way home.

Our round-trip mileage was 200 miles almost exactly (not counting the jaunts we did in Show Low)…we got home about 4:30 in the afternoon (4 hours as anticipated). Happily, we had no truck, tire or Bambi problems…and the main topic of conversation on our trip home was how pleasant it had been and where we ought to go next.

It’s always good to come around the corner of our street and see our home

                                 waiting for us…we get the Girls into the house and turn

                                    them out into the back yard…the first time they’d been

                                    off-leash outside for a week. They have to run around

                                     and check all their spots, you know.  The Bambi and

                                     truck had a sprinkling lf sap from the pine trees on them…and bugs from the trip, of course, so we decided to wash them both right away. That’s the down side of coming home…I could have waiting until the next day, but it was good to get it take care of I guess. We put the Bambi in the Bambi port (after dark) and called it a night…home again, home again. All’s well on the western Front.

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There’s that big hole 
in the ground again!