The Golden Zebra Décor is a small, very tight zebra pattern-weave in black and gold. The pattern and texture of the fabric lends itself well to a very tailored look. Greg used welp cording and button-tufted pillows to further give it that fitted, tailored feel. The round buttoned blosters on the bed add to the feel and create a cushy day lounge area.

Golden Zebra makes use of the Black Leatherette back bolsters but would work just as nicely with the original gold chenille fabric of Airsteam’s stock “Midnight Sun” interior.

The Golden Zebra also mixes wonderfully with both Camel Basics and Ebony Basics, and looks terrific with Fawn Ultra Suede seat and back cushions. The dinette back cushions can also be used with the Black Leatherette seat cushions for yet another variation. Golden Zebra has turned out to be one of our most flexible and interchangeable décors yet...the combinations are endless!

Our cockers, Sadie (blond) and Annie (black), look like real ladies with this décor, by the way!!


Golden Zebra