Our Trip to the San Diego County Parks


We arrived at Dos Picos County Park on Tuesday, May 22 about 1:30 p.m.  This is a large park in a wooded area with huge, tall trees shading the main camping area surrounded by boulder-strewn hills. The main camping area is a little too “communal” for our tastes...pleasant enough, but with little privacy. Again, we lucked out in our choice of camp sites by picking one on the way up a hill to a “caravan” area which is used by groups traveling and camping together. Nobody was in that section, so the road up was empty except for the occasional carload of campers or joy riders checking out the facilities. There were only two sites on the road up the hill, and nobody was in the other one, so we had great privacy in a shaded cozy site. Our site had water and electricity, but there were also non-hook-up sites and those for tents only with no electric and water nearby.

There weren’t many folks camping when we were there...only a few tents and RVs here and there...and plenty of spaces available, but the park was totally booked for the Memorial Day weekend.  We were smart to come and go before that...I’m sure it was quite the camping-fest during the holiday weekend.

We stayed there Tuesday and Wednesday nights (the 22 & 23rd),

had nice camp fires both afternoons, as someone had left behind

a great supply of firewood. We also grilled while we were there...

yummy lamb chops...something we’d never grilled before

while camping. They were wonderful!

Click the slide show link below for pics of our Dos Picos stay (or you can double click on any picture to see a larger version). We left there on Thursday after two nights and headed to our next stop, William Heise County Park near Julian, CA, about 40 miles further east on California Highways 79 and 78... beautiful, picturesque hilly country with winding roads and oak and pine woods.

Dos Picos Park,

San Diego County

Mmmm, Good!
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