Our Trip to the San Diego County Parks


We had considered staying at Lake Morena a night, but we’re glad we changed our plans and stayed at Heise instead...  Lake Morena was very warm when we passed through Friday...and dry, as it is down out of the San Diego hills. It could be a nice place to stay if they irrigated the camping areas more, but it wasn’t very inviting...dry, hot and filled with cheat grass...the Girls would have been a mess...and we can’t have that!

It was already mid-afternoon, so set out on our final dash home to Arizona...we took a southern route that connected with with I-8 a little further east just to see some new territory, which took us through the Campo Indian Reservation. “Bleak” best describes that leg of our trip. Thanks goodness it was just a short side-adventure. Once through there is enough.

We had intended to gas up in El Centro, CA, to the east, but before we knew it we were past all the gas opportunities, thinking there would be another just around the next bend. Not so. We were headed right into the Sand Dunes on the California side of the Colorado River west of Yuma (still in California). The next services were shown as being on the other side of the Dunes...and we were getting very low on gas. We actually almost stopped at a rest stop to see if we could beg borrow or stead a couple gallons of gas from some fellow traveler, but didn’t...

About 10 miles later the idiot light came on...and we still had a good ways to go before gas was available...the gas gauge edged downwards and finally was actually on “E” when we saw a Shell sign in the sky on the horizon...we turned off the AC in the truck and hoped we would make it...We felt better at least knowing that if we had to walk for gas we could at least see a gas station sign in the distance. It was a tense several minutes as we watched the gas gauge and waited for that dreaded “chug-chug-cah-chug” of the engine running out gas.  Miraculously, we did make it to the exit... The gas was a whopping $3.79 per gallon..the highest of anywhere on the trip. (You Tucsonans will be happy to hear that Tucson still has the lowest gas prices we’ve seen at $2.96 at the Fry’s where we usually get our gas.)  Don’t get us wrong...we’re not really

              complaining about the price of gas at that station...it sure beat the

               alternative! But we still couldn’t stomach filling up at that price,

               so we just bought enough to get us to Yuma and Arizona, where we could fill up for real...It was a close call for us. The travel-gods were with us!

After getting gas at Yuma, we high-tailed it for points closer to home. 

Since it was the end of the day, we decided to stop at Picacho Peak State Park, our old stand-by and one of our favorite near-by places to go camping...and stay the night before going on to Tucson.  Since it was 100 degrees there, we knew we didn’t have to worry about finding a site. It was nearly dark when we got there, but believe it or not, 4 other RVs came in for the night after we did...just stop-overs, like us. We just unhitched, leaving the truck in place for an easy re-hitch in the morning...had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed...with the AC on for the first time on the trip. It was good to be back in Arizona...home.

We slept in the next morning, and when we finally got up, almost everyone else had left already.  And we had a note on our windshield letting us know that we had overpaid the fee (we did a self-pay, as it was after

hours)... it’s normally $20/night, but we got there on the first

day of  the summer rates...so it was only $15/night...

Annie and Sadie faired very well on the trip... Annie stayed healthy and neither got weird about eating or drinking, as they sometimes do. They are such good little road warriors and always ready to go...

Home on Saturday, 26 May, at noon and ready to go again!


The Road HOme TO ArizonA

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