Our Trip to the San Diego County Parks


We left at 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 20, and got to our first stop, Lake Jennings

Park near Lakeside, CA, 7 hours later, at 4 p.m... We drove right to the park

with few navigational problems. I will say, however, that it is interesting to

pull a travel trailer on the San Diego freeways (especially as a relative

novice) ... one gets no special treatment because of the fact that one has a

trailer in tow!

Happily, we had reserved “one of the best sites in the park” according to “Ranger Dan” when we checked in. He wanted to know how we knew to pick that space since this was our first visit...it was the research, and viewing of various sites on line that did it for us. (Obviously, he has not dealt with our kind on a regular basis.)  Our camp site was at the top of a ridge ending in a loop around the top of a small knoll overlooking the lake on one side and the city of Lakeside, CA on the other... It was quite pleasant and relaxing. Our site had water and electricity and the bath and showers were right across the road in the middle of the loop...but there were also sites in the park with full hook-ups including sewer and more primitive sites with no hook-ups at all for tenting.

We were next to the camp hosts (volunteers), an elderly couple from Yuma who will be hosting for the next several months. They were quite chatty and let us know some of the local points of interest and what kind of weather to expect. They had owned an Airstream at some point during their years RVing, so that was a common point. Another camper was very curious about our solar panel and how it worked. People in these places are always ready to talk!

It was overcast most of our 2-night stay, but that was fine with us, as the whole point of going there was to find new places and some cool weather. We didn’t

have to turn on the AC one time (till we got back to AZ)! All of us, including Annie & Sadie enjoyed the mid-60 degree weather and ocean moist air very much...and the Girls enjoyed the new smells and those “points of interest”

dogs always seem to find on their walks.

Our second day there we loaded up the Girls and headed toward the

coast, only 20 minutes away, so we could at least see the ocean

during this trip. We took a drive around San Diego Bay and Mission area...we even got a little sea spray on the truck as we drove up the Silver Strand Beach on the ocean side of the bay. It certainly is a change from the desert! We did get lost on the way back to Lakeside...we missed an exit somewhere as we came off the Coronado Bridge and ended up on I-5 North. But at least we had the good sense to get off the freeway and figure out where we were before we found ourselves in Los Angeles...and once we had our bearings we successfully navigated ourselves back to the safety of the Bambi.  In California I believe the rule of the road is “step on it or be run down...and figure out where you are later.” (Again, no special traffic courtesies were extended to us “Arizona tourists.”)

Click the slide show link below for pics of our Lake Jennings stay (or you can double click on any picture to see a larger version). We left Lake Jennings on Tuesday after 2 nights and headed to our next stop, Dos Picos County Park near Ramona, CA, about 22 miles north and a little east.

Lake Jennings,

San Diego County

See sea, Señor!
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