Our Trip to the San Diego County Parks


We arrived at William Heise County Park in the afternoon of Thursday, May 24.  This is another very large park with one area with “partial hook-ups” (electricity only)...two large loops with no hook-ups (but water nearby) and another loop strictly for tent camping.  Most of the sites were wonderful..except a couple of side-by-side sites in the partial hookup area...presumably for small groups camping together...but we wouldn’t want to stay in those..too close for comfort.

There were only three other sites occupied in our loop when we arrived. 

And to our delight, one of them was another Bambi! It was a 16’-er (ours in 19’). There was involuntary greeting and waving between us and the other campers as we first drove by, realizing that we were both hauling Bambis. 

It was funny!

We had barely got our Bambi backed into the site and unhitched before we walked over to say hello to the other Bambi-ites. (Their Bambi is a “CCD International” Model which has a specific decor package...ours is a Safari Special Edition, so we got to compare features and details of the two.)

The site next to them was occupied by a motor home and a friend of theirs. They had all been there a week and were well spread out into the campsite. They were two women (and their cat), and their lady friend (with a

dog) as well... The friend in the motor home’s partner had just left

that morning because of having to work that evening, so it was

just the three of them at that point. It was quite funny that

everyone turned out to be Airstream family...and fun! It was an unexpected plus for us in the trip...meeting some nice Airstream family who are both into camping and pleasant to be around.

So our stay at William Heise turned into a sort of social hour with camp fire time and frequent visits. They were pleasant ladies and we just might connect with them at some future point to camp together. They were from the LA area, but one of them has a brother in Scottsdale whom they visit periodically and are trying to get interested in camping.

Heise had dense woods with rough terrain...and gaggles of wild turkeys running around. In the middle of the night we heard another creature making a ruckus in the woods...but we don’t know what it was...maybe a fox or something...but it was loud, shrill and a little unnerving, frankly...the woods are dark, tangled and mysterious, so one does not want to wonder off far.  I think I heard a banjo playing in the distant woods, too!  But at the same time is was quite beautiful...large grassy areas for picnics, etc,  with big old oak trees spotted around for shade.

Click the slide show link below for pics of our William Heise stay (or you can double click on any picture to see a larger version).

Our schedule permitted only 1 night at Heise, as everything was booked solid for Friday night through the holiday weekend, so we took off on Friday to head south to pick up I-8 and head home. But on the way we decided to check out another San Diego County Park...Lake Morena, about 15 miles south of I-8 east of San Diego a spell.

william heise,

San Diego County

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