A New 4CU Rally at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Marcopa County, Arizona

7 - 10 Apr  2011 - Slideshow Below Text

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We were coming close to the completion of the repairs to our home by early April. The last thing to be done was the stripping of all the Saltillo tile floors, refinishing and sealing. Finally, after a false start, that was happening properly, and we decided to head out of town for the second time since the repairs had begun to escape. The timing was good because the floors were finished and they needed to be undisturbed for a while before we could begin moving our belongings back in.

We left Thursday, 7 April, 2011, for Lake Pleasant, a Maricopa County Regional Park NW of Phoenix for a new rally — “Spring Break at the Lake” ...  7- 10 April, hosted by Mike & Betty and Paul & Ronnie. We had camped on our own at Lake Pleasant a couple of times previously, and we really liked the campground and had enjoyed our time there.

Weather had been very warm for two or three weeks prior to the rally, and we anticipated the weather being quite warm. We had one 2000-watt generator, and needed a second 2000w generator in order to run the AC while dry camping. So Greg decided to give Terry an early birthday present of a second 2000w genny! Cool! We had bought the first generator about 18 months earlier for dry camping, but decided to hold off on a second until we knew for sure that we really needed AC capability for our dry camping times. Well, this rally looked to be a situation in which we would definitely need to have AC. With weather pushing 100 degrees in Tucson, it would surely be 100+ in the Phoenix area, right? So we threw both the generators into the truck along with our other dry camping gear and headed north to the Lake anticipating a warm but fun time — and a chance to use our brand new generator!

We arrived at the group camping area at Lake Pleasant in mid-afternoon on Thursday, got set up, and had plenty of time to chat with folks and get ready for the first happy hour. There was no potluck that evening, being the first day, and some of the ralliers wouldn’t be there until Friday. The weather was pleasant and mild.

That evening we enjoyed our first campfire of the rally. The group area has a very nice cluster of covered ramadas with mesquite trees spotted here and there. And the group fire pit is great…it’s a large cement circular area with a deep pit in the middle … perfect for sitting around and staying warm.

By Friday morning the weather had begun to change. It started to get overcast and cool and rain was in the forecast. What a dramatic change from previous weeks before! Obviously, it was our fault that the weather had gotten cooler so quickly and unexpectedly … because, after all, we had bought that new generator! By the afternoon it was very threatening-looking outside, and for the rest of the rally it was cool and rained intermittently. We didn’t have to crank up the second generator even once!  Friday was a fairly open day so folks could do as they pleased. We all convened for happy hour at the ramada and had the traditional potluck dinner followed by a great campfire. It was cold but fun.

Saturday was more of the same, but with an almost constant light misty drizzle. Because it was so cool, we kept the fire going all afternoon and people would float in and out of the circle to join in the chatter and drink warm drinks to help stay warm. There was enough of a breeze for kites so there as a group kite building and flying party that afternoon … slightly wet, but we did see kites in the skies during the dry times. In late afternoon the clouds lifted for a while in the late afternoon with the sun shining in under the clouds from the west. It was a beautiful sight, and there was enough rain left in the air that we even had a couple of nice rainbows!

Saturday evening after the happy hour, we had a bratwurst BBQ put on by the hosts…they were great! Folks brought side dishes and deserts to top off the meal. After dinner we played Bingo in the ramadas. Mike & Betty called out the numbers and it was quite fun to see how playfully competitive this bunch could get! There were silly prizes for the winners of each round, complete with lots of good laughs.  Then it was to the campfire again!

Sunday was the departure day of the rally. After morning coffee we all packed up and began to leave for home one by one. The new generator never did get cranked up … not once! But there is always the next time! (And Terry got his second genrator! Thanks, Greg!)

We returned home, put the Bambi in the front yard one more time, and started on the last leg of the repairs before we could move back into the housel

Enjoy the pictures below. You can go to other trips by using the button below or the one at the end of the picture section. And with any luck our next entry in the travel log will not be so directly linked to The Flood and life will have begun to return to a more normal state for us.

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