Ultra Suedes & Vinyls offer the possiblisity of enhancing any interior scheme by adding additional textures pleasant to the touch and comfy to lounge on. The beauty of Ultra Suede and Vinyls is that they are highly durable and easy to clean.  Even the most luxurious Ultra Suede is washable and can be dry cleaned...and is available is a wide range of colors from neutrals like the Fawn we’ve used to augment several of our décors, to stronger colors to bring out rich hues in complementary fabrics... Vinyls clean up with a wipe of a damp cloth...perfect for outdoor adventures. Some of the faux leather vinyls are truly amazing...and one would be hard put to tell they aren’t real leather... They are available in a variety of faux leather finishes from bomber jack to “Volkswagen Upholstery Pin-Point” (if you remember that). We actually prefer vinyl to real leather in many cases because it’s more cost-effective and far more resilient than leather...you don’t have to baby it...it can take the knocks!

Ultra Suedes & Vinyls